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Our passion is telling stories… I’ve said that a bunch of times and finally a few years ago, I got fed up with not getting the chance to tell the stories I wanted to tell. I love helping clients tell their stories, helping them show their heart and soul to their customers or potential students. But as artists, we also need to tell our own stories. So a few years back I made a 5-year plan on how we would start a transition, that would allow us to tell our own stories. Stories not defined by an agenda or ROI, just our ideas fueled by passion.

But I must admit, it’s been a rocky start.

During the last 3 years, we’ve worked on a few projects, some have come along further than others, but none have made it to “air”. It’s frustrating, but nothing that’s good is easy.

Here are some of the logos of the projects we are working on, either completely on our own or with a partner. These are projects we’re still hoping get funded and we can create a full series or full season.

These are dating shows, travel films, and custom car builder shows… I’ll talk more about them all in future blogs.

But all that to say, I haven’t given up.

Every time I speak specifically about any of these and other similar projects, I light up. That’s how I know this is my passion. To create and develop our own content. That doesn’t mean we don’t like the work our clients give us. It actually means we appreciate it more, because it helps us to continue to pursue our dreams. Those projects help us keep the lights on and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Onward and upward! Thanks for reading.

Matias Gordo Flores
Axiom Media Productions

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Zach Shepherd
March 13, 2018 at 11:22 am

You are inspiring bro