Gordo’s Roots – Family Reunion VLOG

Self shot, with no auto focus, no headphones, and no plan. Enjoy.



We started doing VLOGs this year. And this is my first attempt.

This is what I learned.

  1. Talk more between scenes and explain to the audience where we are, and what we’re doing. A lot of great vloggers can do this without talking… We’re not great vloggers… Yet…
  2. Have a goal. I had a couple goals in this vlog, but my overarching goal for the vlog is for you, the audience to get to know me better. This sounds selfish and egotistical, even as I type, so let me justify it. I lead Axiom, and for better or worse, I’m the person clients meet with and build a relationship with, so this is a great way for a current or potential client to get to know me and my background. I think this vlog did that.
  3. I’m terrible at “first takes”. I did and re-did a bunch of the talking portions. My wife who watches vlogs said, “that’s not vlogging, that’s creating and producing a video”. She’s right. At the end of this thing, I had over 2 hours of footage. I need to get better at shooting the good stuff and not shooting the irrelevant, including all the bad takes of me talking.
  4. I forgot to mention that my wife and immediate family didn’t join me.…….. Oops. My wife stayed home because our puppy (@lakey.doodle) was in heat for the first (and last) time. She was wearing diapers… anyway, we couldn’t just leave her with someone else to take care of. That would be too much.  And my Mom, brother, and sister live in Hawaii, so they didn’t make the trek. I was so preoccupied with getting the camera set up and talking about the reunion, I forgot to mention it.
  5. Vlogging is fun. We need to keep doing it to get better at it and we will. You will see our attempts. Even the ones we fail at.

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Elias Bermudez
March 22, 2018 at 11:31 pm

My dear nephew! I’m so proud of you! I challenge all of the primos and primas to get together every year and share experiences like Gordo has done! Love you all!!!