Happy 10 Year!

I can’t even believe I’m writing that this year is Axiom’s 10 Year Anniversary, but let me tell you we looked a lot different back then. Ten years ago, I started, then called Axiom Media & Advertising with friends because we wanted to make some extra money and liked making videos.  

For 3 years it was just a hobby and I just did side gigs here and there, but then in 2008 Axiom really started taking off and I decided to go for it, build up a business with a ridiculous amount of work and hours behind it, while working a full time job.

2011 came around and I knew I had to quite my day job to take Axiom to the next level and to keep up with my clients needs.

In 2012, I was too busy to do this thing on my own, so my wife quite her job as a teacher and joined me in this adventure.

At the beginning of 2014 we made our first full time hire and now we are 4.5 strong and growing with over 20 freelancers we use on a regular basis.

It’s been a crazy ride and it’s been the hardest most awesome experience ever. Can’t wait to see where Axiom will take us for the next 10! We are super grateful to all of our amazing clients, awesome employees and freelancers that we’ve had the opportunity to with with!

Just for fun, check out a picture of our first office we worked out of and our first logo.