New Year, New Axiom

Not really, same team. Just trying something we haven’t really done in a long time… Blog.

We’re like the plumber with leaky pipes… It’s hard to focus inward/on “yourself” when you have so many demands from the outside. So we haven’t blogged since 2016… and in 2016, we blogged a total of 1 time… So here’s to hoping 2018 blogging goes A LOT better.

Hoping? No… Hoping isn’t good enough… We need goals. So here’s our blog’s goal, 3 posts a month from now until 2019. Some of these blogs may be vlogs, some will be interviews with people in production, or clients that can give a lot of insight into marketing and some might be completely written by our staff or someone else from somewhere else… because different perspectives are always good. Overall this needs to be interesting enough to hold your attention and it should bring value, otherwise, why are you even here.

So that’s it for our first post back! Thanks for reading.


Matias Gordo Flores


Axiom Media Productions