The Soundtrack of the Industry & Community

These 2 spots were some of the most fun we’ve had recently. It all started with a surprise meeting with a client we hadn’t done much work with the last couple of years. At UTI there were a lot of changes that lead to us not being hired as much to do stuff with, so we were excited to get called back and partner with to create these spots! They were awesome to work with because they let us dream up what we wanted to do and gave us the space to create. They also gave us really good direction and suggestions that really molded the spot to what we have today.

We couldn’t be more proud of these 2 spots, because they not only represent the quality of work we do, but also the renewed partnership with UTI. Here they are and below a couple of stories from production along with the Behind The Scenes video


Soundtrack of the Industry

Day 1

We worked with Tyler Conlin an instructor at UTI and weekend racer to gather some students for us to shoot at Wild Horse Pass, during the Drag and Drift event He delivered! We got some shots of him drag racing but we also were hoping to get some shots of the drifters. Adam (the director) and I walked the pit area to find someone we could talk to about letting us mount a camera in and on his car, and record audio of it as well. So we found the coolest looking car and started talking to Andrew Schulte. When we told him what we were shooting for, he lite up! “I went to UTI!”, he said. We stumbled across a UTI graduate doing what he loved and it couldn’t fit any better with the story we were telling. People that go to UTI are the people that make this industry. If you like this lifestyle, you will benefit from this school. And the kid can drift!

Day 2

We shot at Chapman BMW with another UTI Grad, Leo Franco. Chapman was great, Garrett Odel the Fixed Operations Director really helped us out by allowing us to shoot there. The location was perfect for the closing shot that ties the whole spot together.  The message is if you live this lifestyle – ‘train and make it your career’. Chapman BMW in Chandler couldn’t be a better example of that, they hire almost exclusively UTI Grads.

Day 3

We went up north to go offroading. We had some locations picked out but Adam and I went up early to scout them out and make sure they were going to work with what we were hoping to get. While we were up there we got word from one of our drivers that he couldn’t make it. We started to freak out but started to look for a backup plan. Then the craziest thing happened. A guy we met in our quest to find a backup truck, connected us with his friend who had an expensive truck which he just had washed. The guy gave me his keys and let me drive it. A PERFECT STRANGER. This dude was an angel sent from God. That’s the only logical explanation. We let the client know and they signed off on using the new truck. SO we did the logical next step, find the biggest mud hole and drive right through it! Goodbye clean truck, hello authentic dirty beauty. Everything worked out, we finished returned the truck, with some extra cash for a new wash and we were good!

Day 4

We hooked up with Tyler Chandler and we strapped his car up with an expensive camera that doubled the price of his beemer. It worked out perfectly, the closing shot of the community spot is epic because of it.  

Day 5       

We needed a garage for the shoot the opening of the spot… so we found one in Wittmann that was perfect… but it was in Wittmann. If you’re unfamiliar with AZ or never heard of Wittmann… It’s almost halfway between Phoenix and Vegas. But we went… because it WAS perfect. The guy that owns it is part of the car club Adam belongs to, and the dude was cool. What wasn’t cool was the garage though. No AC, so we shot early and the swamp cooler kept up enough to make it bearable.  After that, we drove to UTI Avondale and finished the shoot in the Dyno.

Overall, it was epic, and here is the video to prove it!