One of the brands we’ve been working on is Clutch. This is a motorsports lifestyle brand that Adam Fischer developed that he brought Axiom into. Together we’ve come up with some really unique ideas to go after – which I will talk about in a sec, but first watch this video:

If you watched it twice… I don’t blame you. We’ve been coming up with a bunch of concepts and ideas for Clutch. Here are a couple of our more defined projects we’re hoping to find sponsors for in the upcoming months.


Rare Form

This is an idea I had been thinking about for a long time. A couple years ago we filmed Neil Tjin (custom car builder) for a UTI/WD-40 car build they did together. Neil is just one of those guys that when you meet him, he becomes your best friend. He’s all personality and super creative. When I met him I knew we could build a show around him and people would watch. When the idea of Clutch was brought up, I figured this would be a perfect place to house this content.

Here is the trailer we put together for this project:



Kristen Lassen is another personality that was “just right”. Here is a female, Harley Davidson mechanic that’s all heart. Everything she does and is, is an adventure. Her idea for a show came together when we talked about what content we wanted to make together. She made a poll on her Instagram and her followers were interested in a VLOG style format showcasing her day-to-day. Our goal is to shoot some segments with multiple cameras and angles, to combine with her POV style GoPro footage. The end product will be an elevated vlog. Check out the trailer here:


These 2 projects are exciting to us because they feature some pretty remarkable people. People who are full of life and when people are introduced to them, they can’t help but want to learn more about them. Sure, they are enthusiasts in their own industry, but more than that they are normal people, living out their passion. And to us, that’s contagious. We want to share that, and hopefully one of you reading will want us to share it too! Reach out to us if you’re in the market to sponsor any of this content.

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Kenneth Travilla
May 5, 2018 at 9:25 am

Great work, Gordo!