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One of the side hustles we mentioned in the Axiom Transition blog post was Alltraverse and we want to take a moment to talk about what that is and why we did it.

Alltraverse is a wanderlust brand we’ve semi-developed. Every time a client sent us to go shoot out of town, we tried to take an extra day for ourselves to go out and explore that area. We’re hoping to get more opportunities to create travel or location-based content, so we started doing it for ourselves. This has been fun, a lot of fun, and we’ve learned a lot. The main thing we learned: Go with a plan!

When we came up with the concept, we didn’t have a brand, style, vibe… We really didn’t know what we wanted to do. We just knew we were getting sent to locations, we would fly in and out and never get to experience it. So the first thing we did was simply shoot it, and the first location was by accident. We planned an extra day of shooting in Portland because we wanted to pitch an idea to a client. Well, we didn’t use the footage for the pitch and we instead got our first film.

Then we got to work on who we were becoming. We commissioned Kyle Oracion from to create a logo for us, and we loved it! We came up with a style… and created a few films, and now we’re recreating our style with a new vibe, you’ll see that in our video we’re currently creating “Phoenix”, which is coming soon.

Go check out our site: and you can see some of the videos we created so far.

In the middle of all this “doing”, we met Kristen Keogh. At the time she was one of the weather people for NBC12 in Phoenix and she told me all about an outdoors travel type show that she wants to pitch to her station and others in town. I told her this sounds like it would fit perfectly with the brand we’re developing. Who wouldn’t like to go into nature to capture the beauty and see what those areas have to offer?!  The show is called:

(Click on the image to go to the website)

Here is the sizzle video we put together with Kristen:

We found out there is a lot of interest to put this kind of content on the air so we’re currently looking for sponsors who want to partner with us to create more of this awesome content. Here are a few images that Nate took from out shoot.

I also want to take a moment to thank all the people who have helped us get Alltraverse going. With these types of projects, there’s no budget. So we ask our friends if they want to help and when they say yes, it means a lot. So a big thank you to Ovi Balc who helped on the Portland and Orange County shoot, PJ Szabo who was on the Portland shoot, Adam Fischer who did Pittsburgh and Boston where he crashed his drone for us and helped us really figure out what this whole thing would become, Nate Ellis Who was on Iceland, Orange County, Boston, Pittsburgh, and has been developing the style for the newest direction and has done all the photography for this and the site and Jeremy and Kyli Yerse who helped us create the website. And we also thank our clients whose work has sent us to all these locations, and hopefully more soon!!!

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Kenneth Travilla
March 28, 2018 at 2:29 pm

Really well done! Keep up the good work.