Vlog: Shooting for Visit Arizona

Nate VLOGed doing one of his favorite things- “going outside”. This is a shoot day with Visit Arizona and Kristen Keogh . Check him out in his prime – enjoying the outdoors and taking pictures. Here is what he learned from this shoot:

  • GoPro audio sucks – I mean, I already knew this, but I used a GoPro anyways and thought it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, but the newest GoPro (Hero 6) is especially bad. Every little hand movement translated to the internal mic on the camera. Now I’m looking into external mic options for GoPro, but there aren’t any great options out there, besides using an audio recorder.
  • It was super interesting hanging out and talking with the ladies from Visit Arizona and Visit Phoenix. Learning about their social media strategies, challenges they face, and what types of goals they have was informative to me as a storyteller.
  • I probably should have filmed a little more, but I dunno. I wound up using almost everything I filmed and it came out to 6 minutes, which seems just right.
  • I really like the format that I used for this: Film the setup and environment (the “bts”), then quickly show the result (the pictures). This won’t work for a lot of our shoots because some clients don’t allow us to publicly post our work for them, but for this client, I think it was great.

Also what we learned is that people were having issues with the Vimeo playback for the longer videos, so we moved all our VLOGS to YouTube.